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[Davical-general] AD group synchronisation

Philipp Neuser

first of all, thanks for the great work on DAViCal, it is a really nice
We are using DAViCal with Active Directory authentication in our
department and wanted to sync the groups from Active Directory, too. It
seems that the normal matching by username in the ldapDrivers class  in
the member attribute of groups in AD ldap schema is not possible, cause
there ist not the sAMAccountName used but the distinguishedName.
I've written a little patch to get this working. It's not the nicest
piece of code, but perhaps it helps to support group sync from AD in
future releases.

I've added the following lines to your example configuration for AD and
the patch in the attachment to the drivers_ldap.php.

'baseDNGroups' => 'DC=example,DC=local',
     'filterGroups' => '(objectCategory=group)',

     'mapping_field'     => array("username" => "sAMAccountName",
                                  "fullname" => "cn" ,
                                  "email"    => "mail",
                                  "updated"  => "whenChanged"),
     'group_mapping_field' => array("username" => "sAMAccountName",
                              "updated" => "whenChanged",
                              "fullname" => "cn" ,
                              "members" =>"member",
                              "distinguishedName" =>"distinguishedName"
     'active_directory_hack' => true,


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