[Davical-general] DAViCal Community support meeting: Monday 22 September 2014

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[Davical-general] DAViCal Community support meeting: Monday 22 September 2014

Jim Fenton
There has been a request to have a DAViCal community support meeting, so
let's plan on having one this coming Monday, 22 September, at 1900 UTC.
Note that this is a couple hours later than previous meetings; hope it
is more convenient for folks in Europe who may be commuting at the
earlier time. The meeting will be held, as usual, in the #davical IRC
channel on irc.oftc.net.

One of the main topics for discussion at this meeting will be progress
toward a release that can be packaged for the next Debian distribution.

The notes from the previous meetings are available through the Community
Support page on the wiki,

We will again be taking notes using the Gobby collaborative editor.
Details on that can be found on the Community Support wiki page as well.

Hope many of you can attend!


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