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Tim Gouma
Dear Readers,

Recently I upgraded our davical server from debian Jessie to Wheezy.
Resulting in a davical upgrade from 1.1.1-1 to After this
upgrade we have 2 issues though. I tried searching for changes between
these versions which could result in the issues, but nothing obvious
came up.

1) Users which use eM Client see all the calendars from users when they
have rights for just one calendar.

2) The standard OS X Calendar App gets 403 error with the

These 2 errors baffle me a bit, because nothing has changed in the
config only the software version. Do you guys have any pointers where a
could look for the solution to this problem?

Met vriendelijke groet,

Tim Gouma
Quarantainenet BV
T: 053-7503070

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