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[Davical-general] Loosing events entered on iPhone

Carsten Pohle
Hi all,

I've experienced the following problem a couple of times now:

When I'm out of office, I enter a new event on my iPhone. The event
cannot be synced immediately, since access to the DaviCal server is
possible only from within the companie's intranet.

The phone is configured to "load" events automatically once an hour.

When I'm back at office and do not touch the phone for a while, the
event is gone. It's not on the phone anymore, nor has it been synced to

I have not been able to reproduce this reliably. However, my guess is
that this happens only if at least the first try of the hourly sync did
not succeed (due to the absence of the calendar server).

Maybe you understand that I'm somehow disconcerned by this behaviour, as
loosing events without notice is an absolute no-go for a calendar
server. Any ideas how to solve this bug?

Best regards


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