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[Davical-general] Need help for a simple permission setup

Hartmut Goebel

I'm despaired trying to get a simple permissions setup working with Davical an d DAVdroid. I tried different way, but did not mange it.

How to set this up, so that "dad/cal" shows up in DAVdroid and is writeable?

- principals "mom", "dad"
- resources:

Now "mom" should get read-acces to "dad/cal", but not to the other resources.

I tried without success:
  • Granting "mom" read-access to "dad" and "read-write"-access to "dad/cal" -> Calendar is shown in Davdroid with "forbitten" sign, the calendar can not be selected as storage when creating a appointment
  • Granting "mom" read-write-access to "dad" -> mom is able to create new collections, further I'd had to restrict permissions to each dad/* collection (beside dad/cal), which DAVdroid does not recognize and tries to synchronize contacts or calendars there.
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