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[Davical-general] Question regarding permissions on calendar

T. Ermlich

some days ago I installed DAViCal version, and created for
testing some users, one group, and some calendars.

It seems to work fine as long as I don't try to exclude users of one
group from accessing calendars ...

User 1
User 2
User 3
User 4
User 5
Group A
Calendar XY1
Calendar XY2
Calendar XY3

All users (1-5) contain to Group A, and within Group A I created the
pricipals Calendar XY1-3.
 From the admin-webside I I created all Claendars as Pricipals of Group
A, and all Users can access & use these ones.
Now I created a Calendar XY4 as pricipal of Group A and want only User 1
& User 3 to access & use it ... but that does not work, all Users can
access & use it.

What I did:
Within the pricipal-window I un-checked "default permissions", and
un-checked all permissions, and saved the changes.
Next step was to add the two users who sould use this calendar, and
granted "all" permissions to them - and saved the changes again.
After testing these two users can use this calendar.
For additional testing I tried to access this calendar as a different
user of Group A - and also this user could access the calendar, read &
write data to it.

Is there something I misunderstood, or did wrong?



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