[Davical-general] Security problem in 1.1.1?

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[Davical-general] Security problem in 1.1.1?

Nicolas Quiniou-Briand
Hi all,

I notice same behavior as this post [1] in Davical 1.1.1 with Roundcube
calendar_plus plugin. I report this bug on MyRoundcube plugins forum [2].

When I enable DAViCal debug (see
usera-with-read-free-busy-privilege.log), I get an ICS file which isn't
obfuscate (see line 276 in usera-with-read-free-busy-privilege.log).

If I revoke CALDAV:read-free-busy privilege on user A's collection, I
see no events (see usera-without-read-free-busy-privilege.log).

Is it a bug or a bad config ?
Nicolas Quiniou-Briand

[1] http://sourceforge.net/p/davical/mailman/message/25273921/

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