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[Davical-general] Some way to force all scheduling over iMIP?

John Regan
Apologies if this somehow makes it onto the mailing list twice. I
goofed and sent an email to the list *before* subscribing.

I'm hoping somebody on the mailing list can help me with a problem I'm

I've deployed DAVical and started getting clients setup. I've got a
wide variety of platforms:

* Mac OS Calendar/Contacts
* Thunderbird w/ SoGO addon
* Outlook with CalDavSynchronizer
* iOS
* Android with CalDAV-Sync and CardDAV-Sync

On top of that, while I've gotten most of my users switch to DAVical,
a good chunk of them still mainly use other calendaring solutions.
Some of them pretty much don't use calendars at all, and some users
have accounts, but setup their email to always forward to some other
account. Email is the one thing they *all* use.

Because of this, I want to make sure every client uses iMIP for
sending calendar invites. Disabling auto-scheduling seems to work for
most clients, except for Apple Calendar - it seems like no matter what
I do, Apple's Calendar will *not* send email invites when the calendar
is on CalDAV.

Is there some way to either a) override the DAV header to make sure all
clients use iMIP for scheduling or b) make DAVical use iMIP?
Even if I can't get Apple Calendar to send emails, if I can get
DAVical to send email invites to all users (regardless of being a
local user or not) that would solve the problem too.

Thanks in advance for anybody that has advice! I'll really appreciate

-John Regan

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