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[Davical-general] Support status: response from Andrew

Jim Fenton
I sent a message to Andrew McMillan as agreed on the IRC chat on the
18th, and heard back from him a couple of hours ago.  Here is a summary
of his message:

* He's happy to have the community take the lead on DAViCal, as he won't
have more than "moments here and there" and definitely not enough time
to lead the project.
* He'll point DNS of davical.org and subdomains wherever we decide to
host things.
* There had been a davical-dev mailing list, but it apparently died at
some point.  He has a backup of the archive if we want to resurrect it
(presumably, to separate it from help/feature requests, etc.)
* He also has a full XML mediawiki export backup of the wiki if we want
to move it elsewhere. I have asked if he can provide contact information
for whoever is hosting it in NL.
* Once we get things organized on how we'll be supporting DAViCal, he'll
announce that on his blog.

Sounds like the "ball is in our court" (if that isn't too much of a
US-centric expression). Any further thoughts from anyone?


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