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[Davical-general] Workaround to 603320 Lightning bug

Nicolas Quiniou-Briand
Hi all,

New on the list, I would like to have your opinion on a workaround for
that bug : https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=603320.

In short, when an assistant want to create an event with attendees on
manager's calendar, organizer of event is automatically manager e-mail
address (e-mail address associated to DAViCal account). Notifications
sender is assistant's e-mail address. However when attendees accept or
deny invitations, notifications are sent to manager's e-mail address. I
would like replies return to assistant's e-mail address.

Config :
- Davical 1.1.1
- Debian Wheezy
- Thunderbird 24.5.0
- Lightning 2.6.5

My workaround : manager calendar is /caldav.php/assistant/manager. In
this config, all is working. However, I'm not sure it's a good idea.
Particularly for access through iOS devices where /caldav.php/username
seems to be the procedure to follow. What is your opinion on this
workaround ?

I don't want to change manager's e-mail address of DAViCal account to
assistant's e-mail address because there is a LDAP sync. Moreover,
manager's e-mail address can't be an alias on assistant's e-mail address.

Have you any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.
Nicolas Quiniou-Briand

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