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Events seem to be filtered by workstation

Terry Carmen
I may just not be understanding what davical is supposed to be doing, or have
configured it incorrectly, but for some reason, events (Calendar events, ToDo
itmes, etc.) seem to be completely seperate lists when viewed from different

For example, I made a big ToDo list in Evolution on my laptop at work, then
came home and found nothing when viewed from Evolution from my home

I checked the database, and all the events from both workstations are in the
calendar_item table and the caldav_data table, however they seem to be
filtered somehow when shown on the workstations.

There are only two users in the usr table (admin and the user I'm testing with).

Is there something else I should be checking? Is there a setting somewhere to
keep items created on different workstations separate?

Is there an easy way to set it to log the debug messages so I can see what
it's doing?



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