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General Question about calendar rights

Marco Kammerer

i have set up davical on debian lenny.

it is set up with 2 users called


they are both member to the group called


the group has the principal grands
ALL > user1
ALL > user2

So that setup is not very difficult.

So i can set up a calendar for user2 on iphone and can access it with the
username and password of user1.

Question 1:
Lets say i want to add 20 users and install on 20 iphones all these 20
The normal way i would add 20x20 = 400 calendars

Is there a way to just setup one calendar or point to some kind of file and
the server tells the client which calendars could be displayed?
So that it "downloads" a list of calendars and enables that?

If that is not possible:
Question 2:
Same story with the 20 users:

Lets say i have set up, only 1 calendar in my iphone.
Is there a way of getting a calentry also into a calendar of another user
(for example a meeting for 4 persons)?

way 1.) invitation? how can that be done.
way 2.) or add it directly, but how?

Question 3:
what is the ics file for?


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