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Narcis Garcia - GiLUG
The fact is that it creates a database named "davical" and an owner
called "davical_dba".
How can I reset PostgreSql data (as freshly installed) or remove db &
users to repeat the wizard?

If Is there an alternative procedure documented to don't use the script ? A step-by-step?

Al 01/10/12 10:15, En/na Andrew McMillan ha escrit:

> On Sun, 2012-09-30 at 18:58 +0200, Narcis Garcia - GiLUG wrote:
>> Hello, I'm trying DAViCal 1.1.1 and don't find the right way to
>> customize the database and user names to use in PostgreSql , because I'm
>> preparing a setup in a shared server with other users that may install
>> their own separate DAViCal.
> The simplest configuration is for them to each use their own database.
>> I've been searching for it in , but haven't found the
>> way of using script successfully.
>> I've seen that this script accepts database name and admin password as
>> parameters, and also the AWL_DBAUSER to be modified, but it doesn't work
>> and creates a database named "davical".
> Really?  My regression tests which use this script always create a
> database called 'regression'.
> Have you tried it with bash -x to see what is going wrong?
> Regards,
> Andrew McMillan.
> PS.  A very odd e-mail address you used there!  There is a mailing list
> for DAViCal...

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