carddav sync with MacOS 10.11 broken

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carddav sync with MacOS 10.11 broken

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Hi all,

i have a little Problem. I use Davical with Nginx on my Raspberry Pi. Now i just upgraded my Mac to the new Version Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan. After this i was not longer able to sync my addresses. In my Nginx error.log i see that my Mac Post an request do /.well-known/carddav or /.well-known/login.php. The questions is did anybody else observed this issue and has an Solution on how to rewrite the access in Nginx.

Thanks for the help


can be closed issue is solved.

for those who search Informations:

add the rewrite Command direct in the Server Block of your Nginx Configuration.

rewrite ^/.well-known/carddav /path_to_your_davical.php permanent;