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davical delivering strange responses to queries

Markus Hansen

we have deployed a DAViCal/Lightning environment in a small office with
about 40 people. We are still hunting down some curiosities and I hope
it is ok to ask for help on this list.

For our main office, we have put some php together so they have an easy
overview of who is in house, who is busy ... this script uses wget to
get the ics files from davical via http, then displays a table with red
or blue bars next to the names.

Here comes the strange stuff:
- One collection (/user3/home/) works well with latest
Thunderbird/Lightning CalDAV requests, but produces an HTTP Error 500
when the ics is requested. There is nothing in the error.log from apache
to hint me where to look for a reason. Works well with all other
calendars and did work well with the same calendar last week. The php
did not change since then, but new events have been added to said calendar.

- The names of the people are taken from the X-WR-CALNAME: field from
the ics. In two cases, the X-WR-CALNAME: field does not contain the
names of the people. In one case, there is just the string "home", in
the other case, an "e" is added to the name. I have looked into the
database, but could not find the terms "home" or the name with the added
"e". Retrieving the same ics files with a browser contains the same
strange strings in X-WR-CALNAME:.

I would be glad to be pointed to anywhere to look to get this fixed.

The system is running Ubuntu 8.04 LTS with davical from the
debian.mcmillan.net.nz/lenny repository (davical_0.9.7.6-0_all.deb that
is). I did run the database-update script after the last update of the

Oh, and: Many many thanks for DAViCal. As of now, you have saved me from
having to deal with an Exchange/Outlook environment. :-)


BTW: I would love if the admin web interface would display a version
string somewhere.

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